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  • Friday’s smiles compliments of ignorance…

    I smiled a lot Friday. But it wasn’t because I had planned or strategized well. In fact, it was because I had kinda just followed my gut and went with it. If I am being truly honest, I would say my smiles were compliments of ignorance. Please know I believe in preparation and doing one’s research, but sometimes embracing ignorance creates the best adventures.

    Now it wasn’t some big thing; just a simple run – or so I thought. I flew to Colorado for a consult with a church south of Denver. (When you live in Scranton, you should always say yes to gigs west of the Mississippi.) (more…)

  • See you Wednesday Jazzy…

    I need a deadline. I wish I didn’t. I’d love to be self motivated and empowered by vision. Yet the reality is vision only gets me about 60% complete and the final 40% will require a deadline with teeth and consequences.

    As a young procrastinating teen, I remember my dad telling me that projects (more…)

about me



family & friends matter

i have a great family, great friends & mediocre pets. Becky & I have enjoyed the opportunity to raise two kids in the Scranton, PA area. great friendships have been developed while leading great org's including SRBC, Pilgrimage & Parker Hill.


i went to school... a lot

so much that Nova Southeastern University gave me a doctorate. i know, some people call me Dr. Kizer. crazy huh? Central Michigan University was my home for masters work and Summit University for undergrad.


addicted to improvement

yeah, my deal is kinda all about volunteer satisfaction, org leadership, family maps, milestones, and change management. i enjoy consulting with churches / not-for-profits, and being an adjunct professor for Univ of Rockies and PER.


never enough tools

i like building stuff. i'm really into my 1974 VW Thing. it's gonna be bad*** and if all goes well it might even get to return to its home country of Mexico for a drive along the Baja Peninsula... really fast... in the Baja 1000.

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